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Oswaldo Paya's death in Cuba two years ago still awaits a proper investigation.
By Editorial Board July 21, 2014

Oswaldo Paya
TWO YEARS ago Tuesday, a blue rental car was wrecked off a deserted road in eastern Cuba. In the back seat was Oswaldo Paya, one of Cuba's best-known dissidents, who had championed the idea of a democratic referendum on the nation's future. Mr. Paya's voice was not the loudest against the Castro dictatorship, but it was one of the most committed and determined. On the day of the car crash, he had been trying for more than a decade to bring about a peaceful revolution, one that would empower Cubans to decide their own fate and end the half-century of misrule by Fidel and Raul Castro.

Mr. Paya endured harassment and intimidation for his efforts. Many of his friends and allies were jailed. He received threats by phone and other warnings, some violent. But he did not give up. On the day of the crash, Mr. Paya was traveling with a young associate, Harold Cepero, across the island to meet with supporters of the Christian Liberation Movement. In the front of the rental car was a visitor from Spain, Angel Carromero, a leader of the youth wing of that country's ruling party, and one from Sweden. The car spun out of control after being rammed from behind by a vehicle bearing state license plates, according to Mr. Carromero. While he and the associate from Sweden survived, Mr. Paya and Mr. Cepero were killed. Mr. Carromero says he was then coerced to confess and subjected to a rigged trial in order to cover up what really happened. Mr. Carromero's videotaped "confession," broadcast on television, was forced upon him; he was told to read from cards written by the state security officers.
He was sentenced to four years in prison for vehicular homicide and later released to return to Spain to serve out his term. Since then, there has been no serious, credible investigation of the deaths.

Cuba has brushed aside all demands for an international probe that would reveal the truth. Mr. Paya held dual Cuban and Spanish citizenship, but Spain has been shamefully uninterested in getting to the bottom of the story. The truth matters -- to show the Castro brothers that they cannot snuff out a voice of freedom with such absolute impunity.

On May 14, Pope Francis received Mr. Paya's family at his private residence. We don't know what the pope said, but Mr. Paya's daughter, Rosa Maria, delivered a letter carrying an impassioned appeal for the cause of democracy and human dignity in Cuba. Hopefully, the pope will keep listening to the voices demanding change in Cuba and speak out for democracy and freedom there. The values that Mr. Paya fought for in Cuba must not be forgotten. Other dissidents are still struggling, despite crackdowns, beatings, jailings and persecution, and they must not be forsaken.

Declaraciones de Hector Palacios: "Creo que podemos salvar a Guillermo Fariñas porque ya ganó"

Hoy, 8 de julio, a las 15:27, hora de Suecia (9:27 de Cuba) Misceláneas de Cuba, Revista de Asignaturas Cubanas, le tomó declaraciones a Héctor Palacios, entre otros, Presidente de la Unidad Liberal de la República de Cuba, ULRC, quien junto a otros opositores y disidentes se encontraba en camino para Santa Clara en miras a solicitarle a Guillermo Fariñas que depositara la huelga de hambre y sed. La declaración trata sobre la eventual liberación de los 52 prisioneros políticos de la Causa de los 75....

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Documental "Las Torturas de Castro

Las Torturas de Castro"Las Torturas de Castro" es un documental con testimonios de las violaciones de derechos humanos cometidas por el gobierno de Fidel Castro desde 1959.

Se trata de un documental de Caimán Productions y el Instituto de la Memoria Histórica Cubana, dirigido por Luis Guardia, producido por Pedro Corzo y coordinado por Francisco Lorenzo.

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"Guevara, Anatomía de un Mito" Documental sobre el "Che"

Che Skeleton"Guevara, Anatomía de un Mito" es un documental sobre la vida y la conducta política del guerrillero argentino Ernesto Guevara, en el que ex miembros del Movimiento 26 de Julio, del Ejército Rebelde e historiadores ofrecen sus testimonios sobre la controversial figura del "Che", inclusive sobre su afición por ejecutar personalmente a enemigos políticos...

"Guevara, Anatomía de un Mito"
Ver documental "Guevara Anatomía de un Mito"

PERO si desea adquirir una copia de este documental en DVD completamente gratis, escríbanos a nuestras direcciones o llámenos al (416) 696- 8679.

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