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Ismael Sambra
Por Ismael Sambra

Translated from Spanish by Eileen Longson

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When something works, it endures. Nothing in the history of humanity has lasted forever in contrast to the principles that govern evolution and development. The capacity that enables the philosophy of capitalism to adapt itself to social and economic practices has given it the possibility to endure independently from errors and from its enemies and sworn detractors. If it has not been the best model for the well being of humanity, at least, no other model has replaced it and much less superseded it.

The unsuccessful communist model that tried to put theory into practice has been left behind even though some persist in regenerating it with subtle opportunistic masquerades. The essence of capitalism, on the contrary, that takes its principles from practice goes ahead. What is the reason that pushes it and makes it superior in spite of the hold-outs, many of them in
the communist left? It is without doubt, freedom. Democracy and capitalism march together like the most harmonious combination of structure and superstructure in all civilized society. And in this, always take advantage in the face of strange monstrosities that now try to mix capitalism with totalitarianism, like China, North Korea, Vietnam and Cuba.

The practices of capitalism rise up spontaneously and readjust themselves in the face of the demands and laws of the market. They take the gift of curing for themselves their hurts and cutting out their dry or unproductive branches. Private initiative is the best tonic. Competition contributes to the quality of each cure or chronometric remedy.

It is a qualitative process that in the short or medium term results in benefiting the collectivity. But what happens with the capitalists that in their desire for wealth negotiate even with the enemy? The capitalists understand a great deal about yield and productivity; but very little of ideologies and the moral defence of the system that by nature promotes and protects them while promoting and protecting private property as the principal base for production.

Because of this empty ideology the capitalists invest in China, North Korea, Viet Nam and Cuba, the last traces of communism, countries that through their ideological essence reject capitalists. It seems that against this there is no embargo, that forces them to understand. They mock the ideology by giving oxygen with the help of their investments to their sworn hangmen.

People easily forget their tragedies and many capitalists seem to forget that they were victims of confiscations and that they lost everything when these regimes took power. The moral defence of capitalism imposes itself as a system that promotes them, that generates them. But even more many act against it without understanding that in this game they are playing with their own existence. And the insistent communists at the edge of the abyss take advantage of this empty ethic to survive and wait for the moment of revenge. Fortunately now they are a few and time is running out for them.

And what is to be said of the countries that make a game of them? The mistaken and conflicting politics of many governments carry part of the blame. Canada is an example. While condemning human rights violations in Cuba, it establishes so called "Constructive engagement", where companies like Sherritt discover and exploit nickel and petroleum deposits and for a few dollars more they become vile accomplices in the exploitation of defenceless Cubans controlled and poorly paid by their regime.

The European Union does something else. After castigating Castro for two years for the imprisonment of 75 of the most renowned dissident leaders, it returned to the supposed dialogue with a deaf person the does not want to hear and shows itself more desperate than Castro himself in the reestablishment of relations, after it achieved the symbolic liberation of some political prisoners instead of all as had been a condition initially for economic aid.

United States, the country that carries the flag in the fight against communism, also has contributed directly and indirectly to the strengthening of its enemies. The politics of favourable trade with China contravenes the politics of embargo used with Cuba. And we ask ourselves, why the difference faced with regimes that define themselves with essentially the same ideology. Both political systems in their extremes have given disastrous results precisely for this reason, for being extreme political systems. Now the U.S. is dealing with the consequences in the face of capitalists that press to invest in Cuba and in the face of the dangerous rise of Cuba driven by the capitalists. China, declared by USA as a preferential nation for development is transforming little by little into a boomerang. Upon receiving the breath of capitalist air, the Chinese government recently declared that it is ready to again be the empire that it was previously before being literally ruined by communist centralization. Without doubt China is a "made in USA Frankenstein" and we already know the end of this story, we already know what the monster does with his creator.

From those contradictory pressures these regimes make a mockery of themselves. Cuba, after making certain obligatory concessions to capitalist investment, now returns to the inoperable centralization of its economy, receiving only gasps of oxygen it can then continue to blame the American embargo for its inevitable disaster. It appears a style of these despots to automatically declare themselves enemies of the United States. It is an old trick to blame and attack Yankee imperialism in order that those jealous of the wealth of others desire to steal it away rather than to produce it themselves. The Venezuela of Chávez is the clearest example and perhaps the Argentina of Kirchner follows in the same footsteps. It is like declaring oneself enemy of the cow while nourishing oneself with its milk. Such ingratitude! It is like taking the fruit and the shade of a tree while crushing its roots.

What can we do faced with such grand hypocrisy? The fight is hard, harder when we fight against enemies and traitors, above all when there are more traitors than enemies. And while so many of the last despots communist or non-communist survive mocking themselves of everything, receiving from some "enemies" what others take away. We know that economic interests go above political interests and that the failure of communism rested however in having done the opposite. We trust then that by whatever means the triumph will continue being ours through the love that liberates and unites wills and hearts, and through the natural inclination that steers man towards freedom faced with whatever variant or modern forms of slavery.

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